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When garage doors are front and center on your house, it is wise to invest in a door with curb appeal. We take pride in our doors, and offer garage door repair Rutherford NJ. Our newest addition of doors require much less maintenance than doors made years ago. We are constantly updating our quality of materials to withstand years of weathering. The common materials we use are: wood, steel and aluminum, which we find are the best for lasting impression!

Wood is a material that is difficulty to replicate, since it is durable and has a nice look. They can last through hits from soccer balls, and offer a charming look where many door materials cannot compare. Wood can easily be cut into different sizes and have a range of prices. Types of wood we use are cedar, mahogany or redwood. Although it gives your house a nice look, wood usually only has a short warranty - of about a year. Wood also adds a touch of natural beauty to any home.

Aluminum doors are usually lightweight and can range in prices. There are inexpensive aluminum doors, which are now less common since they are less sturdy and made of light materials. An upside to this is that it does not put much of a strain on the operating mechanism. Because of the lightweight materials on the less expensive versions, aluminum can be easily dented. More popular versions of aluminum with heavier duty materials and frames, and dent-resistant panels. These give a rugged look and are rust proof, but you can spend near $10,000.

Finally, a material which requires less maintenance than many other garage doors is steel. Steel requires less upkeep than wood, while being inexpensive but sturdy. If you are looking for quality without paying top price, look no further. These high quality doors offer lifetime warranties for their hardware, laminations, insulation and paint. It will have a shorter lifespan on certain parts, such as springs or paint.

Prices for the Average Garage Door Type: 16x7

Type Price for 16x7 Maintenance Durability Lifetime
Aluminum 1500 to 2000 More The Least 20 yrs
Steel 750 to 3500 The Least The Most 30 yrs
Wood 1200 to 4000 The Most Less 25 yrs

How Safe Are Garage Doors?

Garage doors nowadays are made more durable than they were years ago. They have more heavy-duty hardware and extra bracing to keep them sturdy. However, if you live in an area more prone to severe weather, it is important to look for the label “storm ready”, which has a reinforcement system with no setup necessary. Because of the size of garage doors, they are more prone to wind damage than other entry ways. If you live in an area that have frequent hurricanes, it is especially important to invest in a garage door that can take the impacts of heavy water and winds.

Finally, picking a door that suits your house is essential, because a garage door can take up 20 percent of your home’s front facade. A beat up garage door is a liability, and when you go to sell your house, it may be on the market for a while. For the homeowners who took the survey to rate their garage door replacement project, the project was rated 9.5 out of ten of customer satisfaction. If you are looking for garage door repair Peterson NJ, you’ve come to the right place! Since garage doors are used on average more than any entry in the house, isn’t it time you update your door?

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