Garage Door Repair in Peterson, New Jersey

Here at Jimmy's Doors, we feature many types of garage doors. We offer garage door repair Peterson NJ. Garage doors have various styles, different width and height, and ranges of mechanisms.

Some of our most popular doors are the classic canopy up and over. This is the most simple type of garage doors, and it is also easy to install. It’s a retractable door that can lift up from its spring and cables with or without a remote.

For the retractable plus up and over, these having become a more popular option. These are reliable and can easily switch to remote control. The lifting arms have tension springs which are able to open the door on steel runners, without any kind of remote. The downside is that this is a more narrow style of garage doors.

One of the most popular door styles in the U.K., and now in 80% of the U.S. market are the sectional garage doors. These offer great security, no swing out, ranges in sizing, and have options to insulate. The advantage to these is that they can go higher than most types of garage doors.

Constructed from steel or aluminum, these mechanisms roll up and down on horizontal slats and do not swing out. This allows for getting maximum height and width, and can be used with or without a remote control. This design is cheaper to have with a remote, due to the price of the spring and lock system.

Round the Corner is one of the earliest types of garage doors made. It is a classic style that allows the doors to bend around a curve. They’re a wonderful solution for limited headroom or narrow openings, and are featured in timber, steel or aluminum.

Side Hinged are becoming more popular as timber, GRP, and steel manufacturing is increasing. They have skinny doors panels that are insulated providing not only energy efficiency but security. Openings are about 10 ft, making it easier for vehicles of larger heights.

Silvelox combine an old but different method of balancing the door with weights on both sides of the arms. The door lifts in an old fashioned way, with cables and rollers. The door panels are usually heavy, and can come in various materials such as wood.

So come to Jimmy's Doors to choose from our vast selections of garage doors! We will be happy to service you with a quality door that will last for years to come. From strong materials, to unique mechanisms, our doors are top quality to our leading competitors. We service garage door repair Rutherford NJ, so stop by today to change the look and quality of your home!

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