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There are many types of garage doors to choose from. Some of the different type of garages include: Canopy up and over, retractable up and over, retractable plus up and over, sectional garage door, round the corner, side hinged, silvelox, and custom. If you are looking for garage door repair hackensack NJ, and are local to the New Jersey area, please give us a call!

Canopy Up and Over
The most common up and over garage door is the canopy, which is for doors 8 feet wide. One third of the door comes out of the framework to open like a canopy.

Retractable Up and Over
This is becoming a more popular model of garage doors, due to it easily converting to remote control. It is a reliable door with no cables are necessary; only tension springs are needed to open and close the door.

Retractable Plus Up and Over
This is similar to the retractable up and over, except the arms are higher on the frame and door panel to give to most drive through width for wing mirrors on a majority of car models.

Sectional Garage Door
This is the most popular door in the UK, rapidly spreading to the US, being 80% of the US garage door market. It includes: insulated options, no swing out, better security, different sizes and smooth opening properties. This type of door goes higher than most doors, and glides smoothly with rollers on each of the arms.

Roller Shutter Door
A classic style door, with horizontal steel or aluminum panels that roll up and down on a barrel. These do not swing out, and can be used with or without a remote. This is also an economical style of garage doors.

Round The Corner
This garage door is made with timber panels and slides to the side then curves around to the back wall of the garage. This bi-parts, and two separate doors slide in opposite directions. They create more headroom, can be used with a remote, and come in aluminum, steel or timber.

Side Hinged
This style of door has been around for many years and has been revived due to popular demand. Itís made with steel, timber, UPVC, and GRP. They are double skinned fully insulated panels for optimum security and insulation. Suitable for openings 10 ft high and 8 ft wide. The door hinges open outward on a steel or timber frame.

A type of door based on a unique and old method of counterbalancing weight of door panel with weight on either side of the door, which lifts the panels through rollers and steel cables. manufactured by Silvelox, the door panels are heavy and made with various hardwoods and 80 mm thick. This door protrudes from the from, without the need for tracks.

Our various special doors include: Folding, Sliding and hinged mechanisms that use steel or timber panels. They can be great solutions to the typical garage doors since they are unique.

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