Garage Door Repair in Fort Lee, New Jersey

Here at Jimmy’s Doors, we do a range of services for garage doors from installation and repair. if your garage doors in need of repair, and you are in the New Jersey area, we do garage door repair fort Lee NJ. We also sell door parts, and offer a manufacturer’s warranty on all parts.

Doors are important for the resale of your house. That means, style is very important. You especially do not want a run-down door if it is a front-facing garage door. We have various door styles, making it easy to find the perfect touch to add to your house. Some of our doors swing up, swing out, roll up or slide to the side. You can find styles from inviting glass paneling, to traditional or contemporary panels.

Some of the materials include: wood, steel, aluminum and insulated and energy saving doors. Steel is a better choice than wood, if you are looking for less maintenance.

Insulated is more durable and gives the garage a more finished look. The only way to save energy with insulation is to heat the garage or attach the garage as the conditioned part of the house.

As your garage door in front facing, it can take up to 20% of your home’s front facade. This means that it is crucial to invest in a quality garage door. With that much curb appeal at stake, it is a liability to have an outdated garage door. The national median cost of a garage door is $2,300 and will recover 87% of your house when you go to sell. This is one of the highest recovered costs, according to the 2015 Remodeling Impact Report. Since Americans use the garage door more than any entry in the house, it’s time for you to invest in a quality garage door.

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